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Beach Walk

November, a time when the rest of Canada is at the onset of the snow and ice season, is an ideal time for walks along the beach on Vancouver Island. The rush of summer is past and we are able … Continue reading

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The Company Store

Another social statement by the late George Sawchuk in the Wacky Woods near Fanny Bay. For those that don’t remember, the company store was built in mining and logging towns. This permitted the owners to “earn” back the wages they … Continue reading

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The late George Sawchuk placed this piece in Wacky Woods, near Fanny Bay, as a social statement. It does not matter whether we agree or disagree, but it does matter that we think about the statement. I believe that reality … Continue reading

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The Compleat Angler

On Vancouver Island there are many trails for hiking. There are also many people that express their opinions in an unconventional, but effective manner. Near Fanny Bay there is an area that is called Wacky Woods. The folk art along … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday

On Vancouver Island one needs to be alert to the deer that roam our woods, and cities. The deer feel that they have the right of way, and will wander in front of your car without checking for traffic. This … Continue reading

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Gull on a Hot Tin Roof

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Standing on Guard

Captain C. Gull, an ever alert member of the Vancouver Island Air Force, mans his post overlooking the Salish Sea. Captain Gull and his trusty companions are on high alert as it has been rumoured that the territorial waters are … Continue reading

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The Mill

And finally, a picture of the mill. I found it hard to believe that mills such as this used to produce all of the finished lumber that was used for construction in Canada. With the equipment and technology that exist … Continue reading

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Steam Tractor

And then there was the marvel of new development, the steam tractor. With a ready supply of wood to burn, the steam tractor would have been a natural fit at a wood mill in early days. I can only marvel … Continue reading

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Yard Engine

Vancouver Island has a rich history in trees and lumber. Throughout the Island one can see evidence of this. Todays picture is what I believe was a yard engine used within an early mill. I look at old pieces of … Continue reading

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