Meandering Monday

On Mondays I will be posting pictures of places that I have been, that have some meaning to me.

We are all a product of where we have been, where we are and where we will be. We cannot change where we have been, nor where we are. But we can decide where we will be, based upon where we are now. When I look at my pictures they tell me where I was, and when I take them they are where I am. Together they tell me where I want to go, but those pictures I only see in my heart and mind. Interestingly, the best memories are of who I was with and where I was. They usually don’t include what possession I owned.

This picture is on the beach of the Indian Ocean, just south of Lindi, Tanzania. Visiting the beach by myself, I was able to ponder creation, and the creator; the creator of the boat, the palms and the ocean, and of me.

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