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Long Beach and Tofino have become a destination of choice for surfers. They are often seen waiting for the “big one”. Considering the next land mass is Japan, there is a lot of ocean for the big one to develop … Continue reading

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Sunset – Moonrise

While standing on Long Beach admiring the sunset, it wasn’t until I turned around and saw the full moon rising in the east, lighting the beach. What a wonderful transition from day to night.

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West Coast Beach

What more can one say about walking the beaches on Vancouver Island’s west coast at sunset? Photo of Long Beach taken near Green Point campground.

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Birds of Prey

400 years ago a sapling was growing, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Recovered as a fallen stump, British Columbia wildlife sculptor Terry J. McKinnon created this beautiful carving titled “Birds of Prey”. Over 10,000 separate chainsaw cuts were used to make … Continue reading

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Welcome to Tofino, located on Canada’s true west coast at the end of Highway 4. Tofino is located on Clayoquot Sound. Home to about 1800 permanent residents, Tofino grows by many visitors coming to experience the surf and nature, and … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday

UP The grand staircase in the Ann Starrett Mansion Boutique Hotel, in Port Townsend, WA. The mansion was built in 1889 as a wedding gift to a new bride. Ann Starrett is portrayed in the face of the four angels … Continue reading

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Pacific Grace

Here seen in Victoria’s Inner Harbour is the Pacific Grace. The Pacific Grace was launched in 2001. built in Victoria’s Heritage Shipyard by the Sail and Life Training Society (S.A.L.T.S.). The Pacific Grace sails locally, as well as upon the … Continue reading

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Bald Eagle on Perch

The Bald Eagle is a bird I never tire of observing. I found this one on its perch, overlooking the water, scanning for its dinner. This eagle was quite happy to let me walk around and photograph it.

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Ghost Signs

Ghost Signs are signs from many years ago that had been lost, and now revealed, or that advertise business or products from years ago. They were usually painted on the side of a building. Compared to the lit, plastic signs … Continue reading

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