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Sunset – Moonrise

While standing on Long Beach admiring the sunset, it wasn’t until I turned around and saw the full moon rising in the east, lighting the beach. What a wonderful transition from day to night.

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West Coast Beach

What more can one say about walking the beaches on Vancouver Island’s west coast at sunset? Photo of Long Beach taken near Green Point campground.

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Meandering Monday

NOT HERE! And did I tell you that you can safely swim in any of the lakes and ocean on Vancouver Island? Bears may be waiting to greet you when you come out of the water, but while your in … Continue reading

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I can only say that I am glad that it was not me that this bald eagle had in its sights!

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Golden Eagle

Also seen at the Raptor Centre was this Golden Eagle. Amazing birds when you have the chance to look at them closely.

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Bald Eagle

The majestic Bald Eagle can be frequently seen in the skies over Vancouver Island. A must see for visitors to our beautiful island is the Raptor Centre in Duncan, BC. Here you will be able to see these birds, together … Continue reading

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Man has been the cause of many of the undesired changes to our environment. On Vancouver Island, the Canada Goose was introduced by man and has become an invasive species. The Canada Goose has taken residency on the island and … Continue reading

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Symbiosis between plant and insect. The dried seed head becomes a natural support for the spider to build its web. Nature working together.

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While much of Canada is still waiting for the snow to melt, on Vancouver Island we are thrilled to enjoy the spring flowers. This picture is of a rhododendrum, which are blooming on many parts of the Island. Welcome, spring!

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Bear? Where?

Vancouver Island has very large areas that are natural, where one can encounter natural inhabitants. Occasionally we need to be reminded.

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