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Quadra Island Dock

Standing at a dock on Quadra Island on an autumn day. Even with the clouds and light rain, the view is captivating

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Quadra Island Mist

This October we had rain on 28 of the 31 days. The skies were cloudy most of the month, but this did not detract from the spectacular autumn colours. The mist brings its own special magic to the surroundings.

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Moon Rise

At the end of an exciting day on Hornby Island, we sat on the beach. As the sun set in the west, a full moon rose in the east lighting up the bay and the vessels at anchor. A peaceful … Continue reading

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Evening Swim

A quiet evening on the shore of the Salish Sea found these geese quietly swimming, all in a row.

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Autumn Walk

In October, those of us living on Vancouver Island can expect to see rain and fog. If we dress for the weather, we can still enjoy the beautiful island. Today I went for a walk in the fog. A trail … Continue reading

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An experience common to many of us living on the Island is the early morning ferry to Vancouver. This morning, rather than feeling sorry for myself and drinking more coffee, I wandered up to the sun deck of the ferry … Continue reading

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Day’s End

Softly falls the light of day… This board gets heavier with each step.

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Long Beach and Tofino have become a destination of choice for surfers. They are often seen waiting for the “big one”. Considering the next land mass is Japan, there is a lot of ocean for the big one to develop … Continue reading

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Sunset – Moonrise

While standing on Long Beach admiring the sunset, it wasn’t until I turned around and saw the full moon rising in the east, lighting the beach. What a wonderful transition from day to night.

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West Coast Beach

What more can one say about walking the beaches on Vancouver Island’s west coast at sunset? Photo of Long Beach taken near Green Point campground.

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