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On Wings Like Eagles

They will soar on wings like eagles. Isa 40:31

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Man has been the cause of many of the undesired changes to our environment. On Vancouver Island, the Canada Goose was introduced by man and has become an invasive species. The Canada Goose has taken residency on the island and … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday

“Las Manos de la Hermandad” (Hands of Brotherhood) As the year 2012 ends and 2013 begins, we look back upon a year of war, civil unrest, economic upheaval and general discord between people. Today’s picture is of the Hands of … Continue reading

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The Company Store

Another social statement by the late George Sawchuk in the Wacky Woods near Fanny Bay. For those that don’t remember, the company store was built in mining and logging towns. This permitted the owners to “earn” back the wages they … Continue reading

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The late George Sawchuk placed this piece in Wacky Woods, near Fanny Bay, as a social statement. It does not matter whether we agree or disagree, but it does matter that we think about the statement. I believe that reality … Continue reading

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