Modern Petroglyph

Vancouver Island is home to much evidence of its indigenous people. This petroglyph appears to be more recent, as shown by its sharper lines. I don’t know who or why.

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Chase Estuary

A calm autumn day overlooking the Chase River estuary. A BC Ferries ship is in the background, entering Nanaimo Harbour.

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Island View

Living on an island, ships are an important part of our life. Here, off Nanaimo, the ferry to Gabriola Island passes in front of an ocean freighter, anchored and waiting its turn to enter Vancouver harbour to load.

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Abandoned buildings are fascinating. One wonders what story they would tell us if they could. Who? Why? When?

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Quadra Island Dock

Standing at a dock on Quadra Island on an autumn day. Even with the clouds and light rain, the view is captivating

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MV Songhee

MV Songhee

MV Songhee

The MV Songhee is moored aside the Centennial Pier in Port Alberni. In it present life, the MV Songhee lives as the Swept Away Inn.

The MV Songhee was launched in 1944 as the US Army Harbour Tug TP-123. It has also served as a fishing lodge in the Queen Charlotte Islands. The vessel is wood construction and is about 30 metres long.

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Sir Eustace Hornswoggle

 photo Hornswoggle_zpsxbz8itdg.jpg
Walking on Harbour Quay in Port Alberni, I came across this carving of a little known gentleman, Sir Eustace Hornswoggle.

In the 1850s, Captain Hornswoggle owned a fleet of Tea Clippers. He was knighted by the monarch of the day, in recognition of delivering vast amounts of tea to the Royal household, on time, and at a very favourable price. The price was mainly favourable to Sir Eustace.

Sir Eustace has a nephew, Pete the Pirate. Pete, with his parrot Pat, can be found at the Maritime Discovery Museum in Port Alberni.

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Quadra Island Mist

 photo Quadra Mist_zpsqqdrepvg.jpg
This October we had rain on 28 of the 31 days. The skies were cloudy most of the month, but this did not detract from the spectacular autumn colours. The mist brings its own special magic to the surroundings.

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Nanaimo Busker

Nanaimo Busker
Walking around the Nanaimo Harbour is a pleasant way to spend an autumn afternoon. The music of the buskers is delightful company. This gentlemen was very accomplished on his instrument.

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While not on Vancouver Island, Skookumchuk Falls is near by on the Sechelt Peninsula. I hiked up to see the falls, but timed it badly as the tide was high, just starting to reverse, and the falls were not visible. My luck was constant as the bakery was closed and I wasn’t able to get coffee and pastry at the end of the hike.

“Skookumchuck” is a Chinook name meaning turbulent water or rapid torrent.

At Skookumchuck Falls one can experience the awesome power of an incredibly turbulent tidal rapid. On a 3 metre tide, 200 billion gallons of water flow through the narrows connecting Sechelt and Jervis Inlet. The difference in water levels between one side of the rapids and the other sometimes exceeds 2 metres in height. Current speeds can exceed 30km/hr. The rapids are famous for their spectacular whirlpools and whitewater.

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