I See You

I was getting a wary eye from this eagle. He was concerned that I might take his dinner from him.

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Bald Eagle Dating


For those of you that have never seen a bald eagle, here is a picture of one … or a dozen …

In the spring, naturalists presume that eagles will gather together in search of a mate. Whether it is the mating, or that the herring are starting to run in the ocean, this grouping of bald eagles was spotted sitting in a tree. There were more than you see here coming and going.

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French Creek

A foggy January day at French Creek Harbour. The fishing season is over and all of the boats tied up until next spring..

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Orca Whale


The Orca Whale can be found around Vancouver Island. There are both resident pods and migratory pods of whales

Tribute to the Orca can be found in carvings, paintings and statues throughout the region. This statue is located in Nanaimo’s Mafeo Sutton Park.

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Night Dance

Night Dance

I had the opportunity to attend a night photography course put on by a local photographer. I learned new techniques and came away with photos I would have only dreamed off taking previously.

This is a picture of Kendra doing a light dance in Namaimo’s Mafeo Sutton Park.

Thank you Brad!

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Moon Rise

Moon Rise 1

At the end of an exciting day on Hornby Island, we sat on the beach. As the sun set in the west, a full moon rose in the east lighting up the bay and the vessels at anchor. A peaceful end to a glorious day.

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Evening Swim

Evening Swim

A quiet evening on the shore of the Salish Sea found these geese quietly swimming, all in a row.

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Discovery Pier

Along the waterfront in Campbell River is Discovery Pier. While it is a nice place to stroll and to watch all the activity on the water, the pier is also an excellent location for salmon fishing. The “bragging sign” on the pier lists many salmon in the 30 pound range that were caught off the pier. For those without fishing rods, there are loaner rods available. Large nets are also provided to raise your salmon from the water to the pier.

Thank you Campbell River.

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Marina at Campbell River

A scene common to Vancouver Island is the boats in the marinas. Here is the public dock at Campbell River showing some of the many boats moored. A wonderful sight even if one is not on a boat.

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Meandering Monday

Tenalli India

I spent time with the lepers in Tenalli, India, distributing food and praying for them. This was life changing experience for me, especially since I was born and brought up in Canada. We do not know the extent of our blessings, and we need to share them.


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