I’m Not Lion..

Sea Lion

The sun is shinin’. And I’m enjoying it!

Sea lions at Fanny Bay enjoying a rare day of sunshine in January.

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Vancouver Island is a nature lover’s paradise. In October one can see many fungi, of which many are delicious to eat. However, not being that knowledgeable in mushrooms, I prefer to let others do the picking.

This is a very colourful mushroom found in pine forests. I believe it is called Russula, but don’t know which exact species. Pretty to look at.

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Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk
In October, those of us living on Vancouver Island can expect to see rain and fog. If we dress for the weather, we can still enjoy the beautiful island. Today I went for a walk in the fog. A trail that I have walked many times becomes different under different weather conditions. Today it is ethereal.

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 photo WCSunrise_zps3acf5e23.jpg
An experience common to many of us living on the Island is the early morning ferry to Vancouver. This morning, rather than feeling sorry for myself and drinking more coffee, I wandered up to the sun deck of the ferry and experienced a wonderful sunrise.

How can a day go badly, when it begins so gloriously?

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Skeena Queen

Love them, or hate them, life on Vancouver Island depends upon a good and efficient ferry system. Here is the Skeena Queen, travelling from Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring Island to Swartz Bay at Victoria.

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Fresh Carrots

It is difficult to pass by the fresh produce in the Salt Spring Island Farmers Market. These carrots cry out to the passerby, begging to be taken home to enjoy.Then when you draw near, the leaks and beets draw you in further.

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Salt Spring Island Farmers’ Market

Throughout the summer many communities hold markets, where locally produced produce and art are sold. These markets are a highlight for tourist and local alike.

The market at Salt Spring Island displays some of the nicest produce and artwork available in the area. This is a must for anyone visiting the island.

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Meandering Monday – Ayrag

It is a cloudy day on Vancouver Island, and I am day dreaming of being in a local pub with a nice fire burning. My mind went to the local “pubs” encountered in Ulan Bataar. Here one is able to go inside and purchase a bowl of Ayrag and enjoy it inside the yert.

To the uninitiated, ayrag is fermented mare’s milk. In other countries it is known as Kumis. Airag has more in common with wine than beer. It has been known as a “cure all”, and spas were built to benefit from the recuperative powers. Lots of ayrag, and entertainment, makes one forget all of their ills.

Personally, I prefer a nice dark ale.

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Fly a Kite

The breezes from the ocean create a perfect environment for flying a kite. At the kite flying field in Parksville Community Park you will often see an astounding variety of kites being flown.

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Rising Tide

What a glorious summer. Posts have been sparse while we were out enjoying the sunshine and beauty of Vancouver Island.

Today’s post is taken at Rathtrevor Park near Parksville. Fun on the beach while the tide is rising.

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