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Meandering Monday

“Las Manos de la Hermandad” (Hands of Brotherhood) As the year 2012 ends and 2013 begins, we look back upon a year of war, civil unrest, economic upheaval and general discord between people. Today’s picture is of the Hands of … Continue reading

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A little bit of sunshine makes everything look brighter! A pair of mallard ducks enjoying a sunny afternoon swim on the Englishman River near Parksville.

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…of crows. What has them so agitated?

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Still Life

Can we ever create still lifes that are as beautiful as those made by nature? This still life was discovered while walking along the beach in Rathtrevor Park, near Parksville on Vancouver Island.

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December Evening

As the news reports snow storms and adverse weather in other parts of Canada, this day was ideal for a nice walk along the beach on the east side of Vancouver Island. As evening sets in, the Salish Sea is … Continue reading

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On Vancouver Island we are blessed with many trees, and logging is a major industry. Travelling around the island one sees that the wood from trees is used for many purposes. A split rail fence is one of the more … Continue reading

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I almost missed seeing this petroglyph on my visit to Petroglyph Provincail Park. It was quite badly eroded, and just a bit off the trail. While not certain I believe that this is a drawing depicting a sea wolf. It … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday

Taxi? As I rush about on the day before Christmas, I think about calling a taxi. That reminds me of the latest in air conditioned taxis I saw on a trip to Faiasalbad in Pakistan. The temperature this day was … Continue reading

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More than a thousand years ago, the first nations people created these carvings in the rocks. The locations of the carvings were chosen carefully, and were almost always at places of power or mystery; places where the forces of nature … Continue reading

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Malaspina Galleries

Off the east coast of Vancouver Island, near Nanaimo. lies Gabriola Island. Gabriola Island is a artisans delight, with many art and craft galleries. There are also many beaches on the island. One location to be sure and visit is … Continue reading

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