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Fishing Boat

One of the fishing boats seen during a visit to the French Creek Harbour.

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Waiting for the Fish

Fishing boats in French Creek Harbour, moored for the winter. Later this year these boats will be out on the water catching the salmon that we all enjoy eating.

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Meandering Monday

Belgrade Square I am always amazed when in other countries how much more common it is for people to walk. Rather than building everything for cars, these countries have large areas that are for people walking. There are usually nice … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday

The Road is That Way While out driving in the rural regions of Mongolia we got lost. Fortunately we encountered a shepherd who was able to point the way to where we wanted to go. Unlike the roads we are … Continue reading

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I’m Watching

While out for a walk, I sensed that I was being watched. Looked carefully and this little fellow was in the bush looking intently at me. Guess he thought that he was hidden well enough that he would not be … Continue reading

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A totem found on Newcastle Island near Nanaimo.

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A fishing boat seen in Johnstone Strait near Telegraph Cove.

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Going Fishing

A decoration found at a Qualicum Bay restaurant.

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Meandering Monday

Convenience Store? The concept of convenience stores is not unique to North America. I have shown a modern convenience store selling all of the essentials required; gasoline (in the glass jugs), diesel fuel (also in the glass jugs), water (in … Continue reading

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January Waters

During our rainy season the aquifers fill and the rivers rise to full flow. Nothing beats a nice January walk along one of our many rivers, where you hear only the birds and the sound of water. Wonderful therapy for … Continue reading

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